Data is the new electricity, and its intelligence driven from data that’s helping companies, big and small, transform. The most digitally transformed businesses generate on an average $100 million in additional operating income each year!


Data Analytics and Visualization

For your data to be truly useful, it must be presented in a way that is intuitive, concise, and meaningful. The Datadams team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise you need to design and implement the operational reports, dashboards, visualizations, and mobile analytics that will provide your users the insights they need to make the right data-driven business decisions.



Starting with a clear understanding of our clients’ business objectives, we use tools like SSRS, Tableau, Power BI, Office 365 to develop operational reports with data from enterprise applications and data warehouses. These reports provide the aggregate metrics and detailed data that business users and managers need to understand the real-time current state of their essential business processes.



Executives need quick access to the higher-level metrics and KPIs that explain the overall health and efficiency of selected business areas (Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, HR, etc.). A graphical dashboard is the most effective way of presenting this aggregate data concisely. Interactive dashboards allow executives to easily filter on key dimensions and drill-down to lower levels of details. Using tools like Tableau, Power BI and Excel, Datadams consultants have proven dashboard design expertise.



For your power users, operational reports and dashboards aren’t enough. They are looking for tools that allow them to perform ad hoc data analysis and real-time data visualization. They are responsible for answering questions that haven’t been asked before and they need specialized tools to meet the challenge. We work with customers to select, implement, configure, and deploy data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Spotfire that enable their power users to quickly turn massive amounts of raw data into actionable information.


Mobile Analytics

Now that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become part of the overall business tool landscape, users want their data analytics to be mobile, too. Data-driven business decisions can now be made directly from where employees do their work – customer sites, shop floors, job sites, etc. Developing dashboards and visual analytics that work effectively on desktops, tablets, and smartphones can be a challenge. Datadams has the experience and skills needed to develop the responsive designs that enable users to get the data they need regardless of how they’re accessing it.


Advanced Cloud Analytics

Data science and advanced analytics enable enterprises to convert data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into action. To effectively meet the challenges associated with large volumes of varied data, companies need a partner who is skilled with leading edge Big Data tools and techniques. Datadams has the experience to successfully lead your initiative and deliver the value you’re seeking.


New platforms provide capabilities that traditional BI platforms don’t. The ability to combine massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Real-time streaming ingestion of data. The combination of internal enterprise data with device data (IoT) with data mined from the Internet. When the right Big Data solution is architected, companies get strategic insights that help them reach new customers, drive new business, deliver more effectively, and stay ahead of the competition.